About Us

Who we are:

Mountain Elevations is a Montana born company that is passionate about the elevation we live in. Montanan's love their communities, their mountains, their outdoors.....we have the awesome gear to help you show that off. 


Why we do it:

Chris Spurgeon, the brother of one of our founders, was an avid (to say the least) Montana mountaineer. His love for his community and nature ran through him and was his drive for living. The world lost an incredible man on a sunny June afternoon in 2010 during a back country ski trip on Lolo Peak. 

Chris was passionate about helping his community and local foundations so we are committed to carrying his legacy. 


What we do:

Mountain Elevations will give a portions of it's proceeds to the elevation you support and love. Donation requests can be emailed to mountainelevations@gmail.com and must be received by October 1st of each year to be considered. 

100% of our proceeds from the Lolo Peak Collection will go to one of Chris's favorite Missoula non-profits each year. Each year we will announce the recipient of this donation that will be selected by his family.